Vhit Type C Atomizer- for wax and thick oils

Vhit Type C Wax Atomizer
$13.99 (USD)

Vhit Type C AtomizerThe Vhit Type C atomizer is the best for vaporizing oils and wax.

The resistance of the heating coils are between 1.8–2.5ohms.

Purchase includes 2 replacement heads and 1 small wax tool.

The Vhit Type C is very easy to use and produces a huge amount of vapor!

To use simply remove glass frame with the tip attached from the base.
Next unscrew the cap from the head and place product inside the head.
If needed gently press product down to the bottom using the wax tool provided.
Once the product is in place, re-screw the cap back onto the head.
Attach glass frame onto the base. Now your item is ready for use.

Reminder the Vhit Type C atomizer is to be used with waxes and thick oils only.
vcdUsing thin oils or e-liquids will cause damage and void your warranty.

The Vhit Type C atomizer is compatible with all the Ego series batteries listed on this website.

Free shipping included on all orders. No minimum required.



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